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For over 2 years, a huge team of developers have been developing the Silux Home Automation System.

Silux Home was developed for the purpose of offering an automation system that would be affordable to everyone.

We have spent thousands of hours considering what every person would like from an automation system. What would make your life easier and what is important to most people and families.

The idea behind the Silux Home automation series is to have a fully automated lifestyle. No longer will you need to push a button to switch on appliances or lights; it will simply be switched on for you with motion, schedules and scenes. You can even auto dim your lights during the night, schedule your geyser/water heater to turn on and set it to the temperature you wish, open your garage door or gate, your irrigation system can be automated and so much more can be controlled.

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The sky is the limit, and all this under one app, all controlled from one place. You can create scenes or even control a couple of appliances from the convenience of your living room or anywhere across the world using any smart device running Android or iOS.

We will be creating a number of videos about Silux Home. Our focus will be firstly to introduce you to Silux Home and its individual products and secondly to begin doing videos on every individual product, explaining the app and how to use and install each one.

Finally, Silux Home does not need an internet connection while you at home. So for those who do not have a wifi or internet connection at home, you will still able to operate and control Silux Home via your mobile device.

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we tried to keep our products as affordable as possible, without compromising quality. Our devices are specially designed to make it as easy as possible to install with easy usability and a wide range of applications. With encrypted data control, you are also protected from the outside world, providing you with a peace of mind. We thought of everything. Silux Home will fit every criteria.

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